How to join the leaderboard

1. Create an account

Register an account and then login.

2. Download the 'Factorio Leaderboard' client

Download for Windows v0.18.1

   Other platforms: Mac | Linux | Source code (Report bugs here)

• Extract the content of the zip-file to a location of your choosing.
• Open "appsettings.json" in a text editor and enter your API-Key:
The APIKey will be displayed here when you are logged in

• Run "FactorioLeaderboard.exe" or install it as a service.

3. Play Factorio!

A dashboard will be created automatically when you play a game.
Don't forget to download & activate our mod in game!

Watch how it's done, step by step.

NOTE! Changes has been made since the video was recorded! There is no need to create a dashboard to get a APIkey, just use the api-key that is shown on this page after you are logged in.